Banking and Financial Services Litigation

  • Representing a number of clients in dispute with the Royal Bank of Scotland arising out of interest-rate swaps agreements.
  • Acting for a company in proceedings against UK clearing bank for breaches of a series of loan agreements.
  • Advising an overseas fund in relation to recovering monies allegedly misappropriated by a UK based individual.
  • Acting on behalf of an individual in relation to a dispute arising out of the proposed private equity fund.
  • Advising the former shareholders and undated bondholders in relation to potential claims arising out of the nationalisation of Bradford and Bingley and their respective rights under the Compensation Order.
  • Acting on behalf of US investment bank in relation to a claim under and ISDA swap agreement.
  • Advising a liquidator of a BVI based fun in relation to the potential liability of a number of banks acting as custodians.